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Meal Plans

What diet is best for me?

Confused about what you should be eating when it comes to your health goals? You’re not alone.

Navigating through the sea of nutrition information can be overwhelming. But fear not because we’re here to help you unlock the secrets to your ideal diet!

Take our Quiz to find out which is the best perfect balance plan to fuel your body and support your goals

Meal Quiz

Confused about what you should be eating when it comes to your health goals? You’re not alone. Take this short quiz by The Healthy Kitchen Miami

Not sure where to start?

Take this short quiz

Eat well without the effort

Our Kitchen, your goals.

The Healthy Kitchen was born with ONE simple goal. To enlighten Miami with an easier way to eat gourmet, wholesome food without sacrificing flavor or having to work the extra hours to support your new love for feeling healthy.
  • Chef-Crafted Meals
  • Nutritionally Balanced
  • Weekly Subscription
  • 100% natural products and source organic products
  • Cancel Anytime


What is the typical calorie count for each meal?

Our Supercharged plan meals are typically between 430 – 550 calories and our Low-Carb plan meals range between 380 – 500 calories.

What is the shelf life on your meal items?

Our meals are 100% natural and do not contain any additives or preservatives. Therefore we would recommend freezing them if you think you won’t be able to consume them within 3-4 days.

Can I freeze my meals?

You can certainly do so! However, be mindful that some meals are less resistant to freezing temperatures (ie. Salads, sandwiches, etc.)

What if I have questions or concerns about a dish?

Just call or text us. We offer full support and plenty of options so you can always have the best experience during your newly found healthy journey.

What seasonings do you use?

In short, all our meals vary in seasonings.
Our healthy Culinary team takes inspiration from kitchens around the world, using a wide and exciting variety of spices and seasonings in all our recipes.
We find the perfect balance for taste and nutrition, controlling certain seasonings like salt but being much more generous with other super ingredients like turmeric, ginger, etc. THK meals are a wonderful way to try new dishes and discover new flavors you never knew you loved.

If you are not a fan of spices, you should try our Meal Prep Accelerator and pick your favorite fully cooked and lightly seasoned ingredients ready for your own spin on things.

Do you use natural / organic products?

We use 100% natural products and source organic and local as much as possible so you can always have the best food available.

Where is the food prepared and cooked?

You can find The Healthy Kitchen at the Shops by The Falls and it is OPEN for take-out and delivery. Come pay us a visit and meet chef Eric and the healthy crew.

Will I lose weight?
An improved nutrition and healthier lifestyle will typically result in weight loss if necessary. However, we do have specific weight-loss programs available all year round.
What are your delivery areas?
Our exclusive delivery area covers most parts of Miami Dade. If you would like to confirm if we deliver to your area, please use the delivery tool or get in contact with our team at 305 233 0303 and 305.450.1591
Can I receive my delivery to my office during the day?
Give our team a call and we will figure something out for you. Phone Contact: 305 233 0303
Can I choose how many days I want to receive meals for?
Yes, you can customize your healthy journey as you want. Just call the office and they will be happy to assist you.