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Join our 4 week KETO-X CHALLENGE

Transform your body and look your best this 2024.

Transform your body and
look your best this 2024.

Join us from Feb 12th – March 3rd in our 21 days Low Carb Challenge and become a better version of yourself.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with our 21-Day Low Carb Challenge. Conquer your fears, kick bad eating habits, and achieve your fitness goals.
Join now and experience the benefits!*
Enrollment is closing in

Only 27 spots Left.

Are you ready to change your eating habits?

So, if you couldn’t jump into our You 2.0 Camp or even if you are so hyped into it that you want to know what happens if you decide to push yourself a bit further, this is your chance to embrace and conquer those fears holding you back.

As some of you know, it takes 21 days to create a new habit, to kick out bad ones and to start seeing what consistency (specially with your nutrition) looks like and all the possibilities that come from improving how your body reacts when fed the right way.

Let our Healthy Team do the work and reach your goals faster join us this 21-day low carb challenge give yourself a chance and take the pledge to #nocarbssummer Remember:

Last day to register is Feb 10th, 2024

Our 21-day challenge IS BACK with a few surprises for you

  • ✔️  
    Ditch the one plan fits all
  • ✔️  
    Enjoy 21 slow carb ready to eat meals a week
  • ✔️  
    Menu is chef handcrafted and approved from our Nutritionist
  • ✔️  
    Say goodbye to shopping and meal prepping
  • ✔️  
    No more burnt pans
  • ✔️  
    No more soggy vegetables
  • ✔️  
    Just pure joy of having the right meals to accomplish your goals

What is included?

    What people
    are saying.

    Shawn Buller

    I am so happy and grateful to be a regular here at Healthy Kitchen! I want good healthy food but I do not like to cook. I’ve been getting weekly meals from Chef Eric for at least 4 years. I’m not a big meat eater and he offers a great pescatarian menu with vegetarian and vegan options as well. I know I’m getting fresh vegetables and healthy meals without the stress of preparing myself. All the staff is a pleasure to work with too! I don’t know what I’d do with out Healthy Kitchen Miami.

    Alexis Rodriguez

    I’ve tried every meal prep service in Miami & they all have fallen short on taste, quality & etc. However, the healthy kitchen Miami is THE ABSOLUTE BEST food out there. It’s healthy, full of flavor, even the presentation is amazing and thought out. You can tell Chef Eric puts his soul and heart into every meal bc it not only shows but it tastes like it too. I cannot sing enough praise to the healthy kitchen. If you want good quality food but hate cooking, you found your place! 10/10!!

    Angela Gonzalez

    Always grateful to chef Eric and the entire Healthy kitchen team, who for more than two years have been my best allies in Health and Healthy Eating. They are the best because in addition to preparing the best food in Miami, their human quality and service have always made me feel like someone special.

    Ernesto F

    I have been using The Healthy Kitchen for years now and I can say their quality and level of integrity doesn’t change. Most places start well and go south with service in a short time period. However, Healthy Kitchen gets better with time. Meals are tasty, delivered in a timely manner, and most importantly, affordable. If you really sit down and do the math of what you pay per meal vs the cost of food, your time, and convenience; this becomes a no brainer. The service is prompt, friendly, yet professional..Thank you guys for your professionalism, nutrition, and keeping me in a healthy lifestyle.

    Jessica Concepcion

    Since mid 2020 I started to work on my fitness and overall health. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time plan meals for the week. That’s when Chef Stein and the team came to the rescue! I subscribed to their monthly meal plans and it’s been heaven sent since! My meals are delivered to my door twice a week and everything is perfectly portioned and healthy. I 100% recommend them!

    Dianne Johnson

    Chef Eric and his staff ALWAYS provides the freshest most flavorful food choices around. There is absolutely NOTHING dietetic about anything Chef Eric makes. He captures all the flavors and textures that restricted diet plans fail to do!

    Lisa Romaguera

    The dedicated team at Healthy Kitchen Miami could not make my life any easier. Healthy eating is as easy as emailing my selection of delicious meals. I swing by on Mondays and Thursdays and pick up my fresh and filling meals. I do not have to shop, prep, cook or clean up! There are ten different meals on six different weekly menus, so I never get tired of the meals. Thanks Healthy Kitchen Miami!

    Maria Morgan

    Our family has been using The Healthy Kitchen for years. As a wife/mom it’s hard to come up with dinner ideas every day. Chef Eric takes care of my husbands meals and for that I am grateful. The meals are delicious, well presented, and most importantly healthy! Chef Eric is ALWAYS available to help with meal planning and ideas. He is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. If for some reason a wrong meal gets delivered, they fix the issue immediately. I can’t say enough about The Healthy Kitchen. I will continue to use their services. I highly recommend.

    Angelina Morla

    Amazing food !! First time doing their YOU 2.0 Detox program and very impressed by the delicious meals.

    Simple, flexible plans.

    Supercharged eating Slow-Carb Life

    Low Carb Challenge – Full Payment

    Supercharged eating Slow-Carb Life

    Low Carb Challenge

    $199.00 / week for 3 weeks